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At Sharston we place great emphasis on comfort and a warm friendly atmosphere and residents are welcomed to the many leisure activities both indoors and out, that we organise for those who choose to participate.

We regularly go to stately homes, gardens, concerts shows etc always with plenty of willing staff in attendance. We are very close to Tatton Park which is always a popular outing for our residents. courtyard

We recognise that meal times play an important part in the social life of the home and provide a welcoming environment in the Dining Room. Our chef offers tempting daily dishes using fresh local produce and we are able to accommodate individual tastes and any special dietary requirements. We encourage residents to make their own decisions on such things as choice of meals, times of rising and retiring and whether to spend their time in their rooms or in the lounges.

Our residents' charter is dedicated to residents well being, physical and emotional development and fulfilment. We encourage our Residents to maintain and develop their independence; to continue to have a full life and to exercise choice in all areas of living, whilst respecting the rights of others. Our residents' rights are:
  • The right to be fully informed about their care, allowing them to have realistic choices and make informed decisions.
  • The right to total nursing support with the nurse acting in his/her best interests when he/she is unable to make choices.
  • The right to individuality of care taking into consideration psychological, social and cultural needs.
  • The right to a clean and comfortable environment with privacy whenever desired.
  • The right to a menu choice of healthy, appetising food, appropriate to their dietary needs.
  • The right to receive visitors or not, at their discretion at any reasonable time.
  • The right to be informed of the proper channels for comment or complaint about any aspect of the service provided by the home.
  • The right to have personal items of furniture, picture etc.in their room, as space allows.
  • The right to encouragement in participating in all activities and pastimes organised both in and outside of the home.
  • The right to continuity of care, whoever is overseeing his/her care.
  • The right to consult a solicitor, advocate or advisor of his/her choice in private and be represented by that advisor.
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